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How Important Is Alignment? alignment yoga anatomy yoga postures yoga practice Jan 07, 2021

As it turns out, not very much.
Alignment can look good.
Sometimes it makes postures and movements easier.
But what get’s us to a certain alignment?
It’s the actions and engagements of muscles.
Maybe let’s focus on that. Engagement is important.

Let’s take a step back to...

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How can yoga teachers benefit from knowing yoga anatomy? alignment fascia health yoga anatomy yoga postures Jan 04, 2021

Oslo Yoga,  hosted a panel discussion on yoga anatomy as part of their international yoga festival on January 4, 2021.
On the panel were:

Mark Stephens

Anna Kristina Kavli,

and me, Chris Kummer ...

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Happy Hips - Strength and mobility around your hip joint fascia yoga anatomy yoga postures Dec 14, 2020

Modern hips.

Modern hips are hips used to sitting on chairs. Or simply sitting a lot.

How many people have told you already that sitting too much can make your hip area tight? This tension can include the hip ligaments, the hip-flexor muscles and a lot of  other associated muscles and fascia...

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The Simple Secret to Better Balance in Yoga Poses alignment real life yoga anatomy yoga postures yoga practice Dec 10, 2020

This yoga anatomy tip will help you improve your balance in handstand and othert balance postures.

Anytime you want to attempt to practice a balance yoga posture you need to follow this principle to be successful. if you aim to balance for longer than it takes to take a quick photo.
These balance...

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