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Interactive Yoga Videos for Kids 


KindaYoga are yoga and relaxation videos for children.

KindaYoga introduces age appropriate physical activity with co-ordination and relaxation to children.

KindaYoga speaks directly to the focusing and calming part of the nervous system, while promoting physical activity. Practicing KindaYoga creates a wonderful balance to the constant stimulation children are exposed to.

All KindaYoga videos are themed interactive storytelling adventures addressing participants from auditory, visual and kinesthetic perspectives. Children can follow the storyteller, the expert yoga teacher, the cartoon characters or the group of practicing children.

Let your children playfully develop the healthy habits of being focused, calm and active - get the KindaYoga videos now and practice daily.

KindaYoga are yoga and relaxation videos for children

KindaYoga practices teach life skills before life's challenges. Gentle and fun yoga postures, combined with breathing for relaxation, teach children to manage our fast paced world with less stress.

The videos are interactive storytelling adventures with Yuga the monkey, his friends, the KindaYoga children and Chris the teacher.

Watching and practicing along with the KindaYoga videos:
- introduces yoga in a fun, entertaining and interactive way
- develops full body strength
- improves co-ordination
- teaches breath awareness
- aids focus and concentration
- introduces stillness and calming skills
- improves listening capabilites
- assists in developing self confidence and autonomy
- stimulates imagination
- teaches balance through physical activity

The interactive nature of KindaYoga encourages:
- positive relationships between adults and children
- the development of trust
- creative visualization abilities
- memory development and recall competence
- regular physical exercise in school and at home

Yuga, the monkey, and the KindaYoga Team inspire viewers to get off the couch and be active.

KindaYoga is the newest holistic approach for children to discover the wonders of yoga and meet developmental needs to overcome childhood obesity.

The Collection

The collection includes all four KindaYoga titles: Jungle Story, Birthday Adventure, Sleepytime, and Under The Sea 

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Jungle Story

This KindaYoga story takes you to the jungle. Yuga the Monkey is searching for and is reunited with his lost friend. Follow along with Chris and the KindaYoga kids.

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Birthday Adventure

This celebratory yoga story takes you and your friends to a park. Yuga the Monkey, Charlie the Chimpanzee and their friends are at a birthday party. Follow along with Chris and the KindaYoga kids.

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In this yoga adventure Yuga the Monkey and his friend Tara the Tiger meet in the forest They receive helpful advice from grandmother Sophia when they feel restless. Follow along with Chris and the KindaYoga kids.


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Under The Sea

This yoga story takes you on a dreamy underwater journey where Yuga the monkey meets new friends. Follow along with Chris and the KindaYoga kids.

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KindaYoga, the creators, producers and distributors of this program disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the use and practice of KindaYoga videos, exercises and advice offered in this material.
Always ensure supervision of children in a space that is adequate and safe for the practice. To prevent disappointment or ill feelings consult a licensed health professional before attempting these or any new practices or exercises.
Remember to enjoy what you are doing, keep breathing and avoid forcing of movements or postures. If in any doubt, stop, re-evaluate and, if trying again, do so in a way that feels good.

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