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Movement & Exercise for Older People

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Why this Online Course is so Important for You:

There’s a lot to do - let’s move!

Thanks to modern research we know today how good and important regular movement and exercise are for the body.

Generally it is important to stay mobile to reduce or prevent inflexibility and pain. Additionally movements have an extensive influence on our nervous system, from fine motor skills to improved memory to feelings of happiness and contentment.

It is also proven that reduced mobility further reduces many of our other abilities.
Reduced movement abilities often are not a result of ageing but more a result of simply moving less. Still we blame our age for it.

When practicing challenging activities, like for example the YomaYopa sequences, we are stimulating our hormone production. These hormones are amongst other purposes needed for us to feel rewarded and fulfilled.
You can train to become more self-reliant and less dependent on others.

YomaYopa offers a variety of movement and exercise sequences that can help you daily to develop your abilities.

Learning in later life

Memory, balance and coordination are maintained and even improved with regular movement

Movement in later life

Range of motion, agility and strength improve with appropriate movements and exercises.

Motivation to get Involved

It’s never too late to start or to revive an exercise practice.

At any age, our body can become stronger, more stable and move mobile. That’s what we are designed for.

The saying: ”If you rest, you rust”, is still valid now. Actually, today it’s more valid than ever, because now we know how interrelated movement, body, mind and spirit are.

The function of our organs, our circulation, the entire metabolism are positively influenced by regular movement and exercise. These insight go far beyond the known osteoporosis prevention.

Kathrin, who demonstrates the exercises in the YomaYopa videos only began exercising in her early seventies. Today she is hardly recognizable with her beaming energy and and physical fitness.

When we practice appropriate exercises we feel better. When will you start?

Join in! 

JomaYopa is always accessible to you. You can watch and follow the sequences as often and for as long as you like.

I want to feel better

Health is a scale and can be continuously improved.
Join in with YomaYopa, feel better and also inspire others to lead a healthier more mobile life.

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