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AnatomyShow offers modern fascia-based movement anatomy education for practitioners and teachers of yoga, fitness, Pilates and other sports.

Isn't there a way I can move better?

This is the question I asked myself more than 30 years ago, and I’ve never stopped looking for new and more ways to make it happen ever since. Whether you’re a teacher or a beginner, I want to connect you with everything you need to discover how your body really can and wants to move.

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Yoga anatomy education that is accessible for everyone

Taking a yoga anatomy course is a simple way to truly embrace better movement and posture. The prerequisite for learning yoga anatomy is having a body you like to move.
By connecting you with the unique world of fascia anatomy and the insights it offers, the courses are designed to give you an easily understandable new outlook on how postures are supported sustainably, and how your body moves.
These courses offer continuing education, and learning how the body really wants to move and can stay injury free.

Yoga Anatomy Courses

Movement is your choice  - get to know your body better and understand what you can do.

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Movement for Seniors

Strengthen, stabilize, and mobilize your body and show yourself age is just a number.

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Yoga for Kids

KindaYoga introduces age appropriate physical activity with co-ordination and relaxation.

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Discover engaging ways to learn yoga anatomy

The right course for you is all about helping you achieve your goal and vision of a stable, mobile  and injury free body. Here are a few of the courses that can help you can do exactly that:

Yoga Anatomy Courses

Create your own approach to learning by understanding how your body moves and flows with unique insights that simplify everything

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Certification Options

A comprehensive approach for those who want to deepen their practice and practitioners who love to immerse themselves in the fine details

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Teacher Trainings

Learn how to build fascia-based yoga anatomy into your teaching, or see how you can turn your new skill into a career that sets you free to enjoy life

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Which courses are best for me?

All courses are designed to improve your practice and posture and to develop a free and functional body.
All you have to do is decide what you want to learn and work on.
Health and healthy movement are based on knowing and feeling what is right for your body.

Yoga Anatomy Courses

Learn fascia-based yoga anatomy . Improve your practice and posture to develop a free and functional body.

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Rediscover Yourself

Take a focused seniors movement and exercise course and refresh your mind and body the natural way.

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Free the Next Generation

Connect your little ones with KindaYoga and see the difference it makes in every area of their lives.

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Live Training and Workshops

With the unique approach and interaction you only get to experience with in-person events.

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Why is the AnatomyShow Different?

Our unique certification course follows a proven system that’s designed to be accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and levels of experience. You can think of it as the simple way to understand movement in every area of your life.

The Fundamentals

Learn the basics that direct every area of your body.

Your Body’s Perspective

Discover how an interconnected body moves and functions.

Integrated Anatomy

Put everything into practice and free your body and mind.

Movement Anatomy Certification Course

from $129

Our most popular course

  • Practice and teaching skills
  • Continuing education
  • Certification
  • Unlimited lifetime access
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AnatomyShow Courses have  Unlimited Lifetime Access

Return to your course whenever and wherever you like. Discover more practical connections and inspirations each time. You will see deeper possibilities for understanding postures and exercises  by revisiting the functional anatomy.

Movement Anatomy Courses

from $49

Pick your favourite topic

  • Practice and teaching skills
  • Continuing education
  • Unlimited lifetime access



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What's the World saying?

"This course has been so informative, eye opening, and so much fun! Thank you for making it so interactive and engaging. Studying and watching these videos never once felt like work!"

Chloe Oktay

"Chris’ AnatomyShow changed the way I stand, walk and practice yoga. I have gained a new appreciation for how conscious engagement of our body parts brings balance into our lives."

Brandon M.

"Excellent presentation. Beautifully translates complex ideas into everyday language. Passionate and generous teacher. Very inspiring."

Simi Junior

Get the advantage and learn functional movement

anatomy and physiology of with a fascia focus.

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Learn and move at your own pace…

Every AnatomyShow course is designed to teach you simple yet profound and transformative relationships within your body to set it free, expand your understanding of yourself and give you everything you need to better own your body’s movements. It’s not about making your next practice perfect. It’s about the tools to go on an intentional journey that creates space and freedom throughout your body.

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