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The Anatomy Show Delivers Engaging Education in Fascia-Based Movement Anatomy 



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Learn about fascia, fascia-based anatomy, yoga, exercise and movement in these courses. Click the image to learn more. 

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The Anatomy Show is delivering workshops and teacher trainings in Canada and around the world. Click the image to learn more.

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Learn to move better. Apply and practice your fascia knowledge, address injuries or obstacles, in classes or private instructions. Click the image to learn more.

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Fascia-Based Anatomy

Get on board with the most cutting edge understanding of movement. Conceptualizing movement goes beyond the idea of single muscles moving single bones. Fascia, a type of connective tissue, links the body three dimensionally. Muscles are integrated into this system to make tensional changes, which produce movement.

The NEW online course it out!

'YOGA & MOVEMENT ANATOMY' - This is the course for instructors, teachers and involved practitioners who want to learn modern fascia-based anatomy. Learn the new functions and possibilities for safe practice because today's practice can't rely on yesterdays anatomy understanding. It's time to learn how to build the bounce into our feet and life.

Anatomy Show

Skip boring, skip book learning, and have fun understanding your body better. The Anatomy Show is engaging and interactively encouraging learning of modern anatomic structural and functional concepts. Pair this with actionable and useful instructions and you have a transformational practice.

Online Courses

Can't make it to one of my events or like learning at your own pace?Increase memory retention and learn more. Online courses offer comprehensive instructions and detail. which can be accessed at any point as often as you wish. Ever wanted to ask: ‘can you please repeat that?’ Now you can. All the time. 

Consultations and Treatments

Would you like to really fast-track your practice by receiving personalized instructions, or are you looking for specialized instructions and help for your individual circumstances?

Chris qualified as a Naturopath in 1998. He specializes in movement, postural and connective tissue treatments, with many years of clinical and teaching practice.

You can read here how Chris overcame his own postural challenges.

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"Chris’ Anatomy Show is great. Not only is he extremely refreshing and entertaining, but he also presents a very profound view of anatomy. Concentrating on the essentials and modern view. Highly recommended."

Nicole from Germany
Yoga Teacher

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