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Yoga Anatomy Certificate Course

This is the course for yoga practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting to develop their movement practice. Learn modern fascia-based anatomy with the new science based functions and possibilities, because today's practice can't rely on yesterdays anatomy understanding.


Fascia Yoga Anatomy Course

Learn modern fascia-based anatomy with the new science based functions and possibilities. This is the complete self study course for yoga and fitness practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting to develop their movement practice. This course contains all the course materials of the Yoga Anatomy Certificate Course but without certificates or continuing education credits.


FREE - Better Handstand Practice Sequence

This practice program is designed to help you access fascia connections in your body to build strength and connections in your fascia pathways that make handstand practice so much easier.

When you practice the exercises in these instructions, you’ll train your body for all the elements needed for handstands


FREE - Ankle Mobility

This eight-part video course helps you improve your ankle mobility.
- safely increase your ankle mobility
- learn about the mobility elements of your ankle
- practice possible ankle movements
- understand the reasons for change in ankle mobility
Included in this course are five really simple and effective exercises to improve your posture, balance and ankle mobility.


FASCIA in the Moving Body

Are your movements including your fascia? Your exercises and movement practice will never be the same once you learn how your body is really organized.  To this day, medical education does not cover the extend to which fascia influences our life and movement. This course sets you up with the essential knowledge for better practice and exercise.


Movement Anatomy of the  FEET

Learn what it takes to have good engagement of the feet, healthy foot arches and supported joints. This course introduces you to simple steps and easy to remember tricks for good posture.


SHOULDER Anatomy for Movement

Shoulder Anatomy for Movement is an essential foundation course of fourteen topics and videos for movement students and teachers to understand and practice healthy and sustainable shoulder and arm movements.


Breath & Breathing  

Discover how to breathe to improve your energy levels. Understand how the structure and function of each part of your respiratory system allows you to fine tune your ability to breathe, move and feel better.


PELVIS Anatomy for Movement 

Pelvis anatomy is especially important for yoga and other movement practices because of its central position, the sacroiliac joints and connections to the spine.

Learning from this course can help you take control of your hips, pelvis and core.


SPINE - Support & Movement

This course can help you build and maintain a healthy, flexible spine.

Develop spinal support from the core in multiple directions and learn tools to prevent back pain. Increase your mobility and maintain real core strength.


KNEE & THIGH Yoga Anatomy

The knee is vital for stable standing and walking.
Learn to use and take care of this important and largest joint of your body. Manage knee hyper-extension, knee support and pelvic stability.

This course also explains how the knee and thigh can improve your balance and posture.


MOVEMENT: Joints & Muscles

Understand the functional components of our moving body. This course clarifies why we need to think differently about movement than how normal anatomy books and teachings explain.

Learn movement from a functional, integrated perspective rather than anatomical parts.



Mobility at any age. YomaYopa exercise sequences are videos for older people to regain or maintain their mobility and health. Developed for and demonstrated by seniors, these courses are available in English and German with subtitles.


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Health is a scale and can be continuously improved.
Join in with YomaYopa, feel better and also inspire others to lead a healthier more mobile life.

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White Tiger Qigong

Healing - Transformation - Maximum Human Potential

White Tiger Qigong Consists of Fascia, Ancient Chinese Medicine and it's Applications to Qigong

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Kids yoga videos promote intelligent movement and stress busting abilities. The KindaYoga videos are interactive yoga videos for children aged 4 to 7

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