Yoga Anatomy Workshops and Trainings

YogaRaum Hamburg - Germany

200 Std. Yoga Teacher Training, 13. August – 8. September 2023. This course is held in German. Diese Ausbildung ist sowohl für diejenigen geeignet, die Yogalehrer*innen werden und mit einer anerkannten Prüfung abschließen möchten, als auch für Menschen, die ihr Wissen über Yoga einfach nur vertiefen wollen.

In-person Yoga Anatomy Workshop
Toronto - Canada
Oct 19, 2022


Often the core is thought of being in the torso. Learn in this yoga anatomy workshop how the legs can be key to a stable core in all postures.


Experience through specific exercises how you can ‘switch on’ these muscles and find out how to integrate these skills into your practice.

Discover how you can build a safer, sustainable, and more integrated practice. 


Active, heavily about technique/anatomy without being too in depth on things like muscle groups, joints, etc., in order to entice those interested in fitness to attend to further their practice.

Practice, learn, and get your questions answered.   Ph:416 551 0068

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Awakened Spirit Yoga Teacher Training

Explore the connection between mind, body and earth and embark on your unique path and gain the tools you need to effect real change and healing in yourself, your community and in the world. Find out more on their website: These training courses include the AnatomyShow yoga anatomy curriculum.


YogaLehrer Ausbildung 300 Stunden

YogaRaum Hamburg / Germany

September 2023

Join this 30 hour module on applied yoga anatomy at the YogaRaum Hamburg for their 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The training and workshops are held in German.


Online Courses

Can't make it to any of the above events? Or you prefer to learn at home or at your own pace?

Check out the Online Course Page.

Online courses offer comprehensive instructions and detail, which can be accessed at any time as often as you wish. Ever wanted to ask: ‘can you please repeat that?’ Now you can. All the time. 

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Hong Kong

Yoga Teacher Training - Cecilia Yoga

To be rescheduled

This three-day event is a part of the Cecilia Yoga Yoga Teacher Training. With its small group size, personal attention and international faculty support, this is a valuable training to get in-depth information, useful qualifications and personal attention.

During this part of the training we combine detailed information, practice explorations and movement labs to give you the best teaching and practice preparation.
Come and join Chris and the other great faculty in this inspiring training.

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Hong Kong - Workshops

The AnatomyShow Fascia Movement Workshop

To be rescheduled

This event is two-day workshop of practice, in-depth information and movement labs.
Come and join Chris in this action-packed workshop to learn the elements of fluid posture and energetic stable movements.
Modern anatomical and physiological principles of fascia and force distribution inform how we can safely and sustainably practice yoga, fitness or dance.

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Bring the AnatomyShow to Your Studio

The Anatomy Show has been presented around the world for nineteen years. Contact Chris to arrange for an Anatomy Show event at your location.


The Anatomy Show is delivering workshops and teacher trainings in Canada and around the world. 


Learn about fascia, fascia based anatomy, yoga, exercise and movement in these courses.            


Include fascia-based yoga anatomy courses to your curriculum to give your students the best training experience possible.


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