Anatomy Show Workshops and Trainings

Downward Dog Fundamentals Yoga Teacher Training Intensive  

Feb 22 to Apr 28, 2019

I'm very happy to present the Anatomy Show again at the Downward Dog training. Ron, Marla and the team understand the value of good education, including thorough knowledge of Anatomy. The Yoga Anatomy Show at Downward Dog  offers one of the highest number of hours on a training to learn about the body and it's functions in movements and postures. 

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Toronto Workshop

Yoga Anatomy - The Next Step: Pt. 1

March 9 & 10, 2019

Integrated Biomechanics 

This workshop helps you identify engagements in postures and sequences, and plan instructions according to body movement principles.

This weekend module is a required part of the DWD 300hr advanced program, open to anyone who completed a 200hr training.

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Hamburg, Germany 

YogaRaum March 23 & 24

Join me at the Yogaraum for three exciting and interactive workshops on Fascia, Breathing and Bandhas.

These workshops are held in German.

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Bremen, Germany

Vinyaloft, March 30 & 31

I'm really looking forward to present two day-long workshops in Bremen.

Topics are: Fascia as your friend for movement and stability, and The lower back in yoga practice.

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Hong Kong - May 24 to 28

Training and Workshops

I'm excited to share, I'll be offering a training in Hong Kong again in May.

Along with the Yoga Teacher Training for Cecilia Yoga, I'll be offering two day-long workshops.

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Online Courses

Can't make it to any of these events? Or you rather like to learn at your own pace?

Check out the Online Course Page.

Online courses offer comprehensive instructions and detail, which can be accessed at any time as often as you wish. Ever wanted to ask: ‘can you please repeat that?’ Now you can. All the time. 

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Bring the Anatomy Show to Your Studio

The Anatomy Show has been travelling around the world for eighteen years. Contact Chris to arrange a for an Anatomy Show event at your location.


The Anatomy Show is delivering workshops and teacher trainings in Canada and around the world. 


Learn about fascia, fascia based anatomy, yoga, exercise and movement in these courses.            


Apply and practice your fascia knowledge, address injuries or obstacles, in classes or private instructions. Learn to move better. 


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