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This modern, comprehensive three-module certification course builds your knowledge and confidence. This fascia-based course helps you evolve your movement practice. Take this course  and expand your foundation as an informed practitioners and/or teacher.

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Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder stability and mobility depends on fascia, muscles, strength and coordination of multiple joints and their connections to the body.  Learn how to practice intelligently and move better with your arms and shoulders using less overall effort.

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Yoga Anatomy Course

Learn modern fascia-based anatomy with the new science based functions and possibilities. This is the complete self study course for yoga and fitness practitioners, teachers and anyone wanting to develop their movement practice.

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AnatomyShow Courses

Movement Anatomy Certificate Course - Module 1

$129.00 USD

Movement Anatomy Certificate Course - Module 2

$175.00 USD

Movement Anatomy Certificate Course - Module 3

$220.00 USD
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Ankle Mobility Yoga Anatomy Exercise Course


Fascia in the Moving Body Course

$49.00 USD

Movement Anatomy of the FEET Course

$49.00 USD

Pelvis Anatomy for Movement

$49.00 USD

Shoulder Anatomy for Movement

$49.00 USD

SPINE - Support & Movement

$59.00 USD

Breath & Breathing Course

$59.00 USD

Thigh & Knee Movement Anatomy

$49.00 USD

YomaYopa Courses

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YomaYopa in English

$24.99 USD

YomaYopa auf deutsch

€24,95 EUR

KindaYoga Courses

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KindaYoga Collection

$14.99 USD

KindaYoga - Jungle Story

$4.99 USD

KindaYoga - Birthday Adventure

$4.99 USD

KindaYoga - Sleepytime

$4.99 USD

KindaYoga - Under The Sea

$4.99 USD

AnatomyShow Course Bundles

Fascia & Shoulder Set

$90.00 USD

Fascia & Feet Set

$90.00 USD

Feet & Shoulders Set

$90.00 USD

Fascia, Feet & Shoulder Set

$110.00 USD

Spine & Breath Bundle

$110.00 USD