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Movement & Yoga Anatomy Certification Course

This new course is the foundation for yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and anyone wanting to more thoroughly understand and develop their movement practice. 

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Take the movement anatomy certification course in three modules

Each module builds on the previous.  Gain competency in one Module before starting the next.

Certificates are awarded once once all modules and tests are successfully completed. Your  minimum time investment to study all three modules of this course is 9 weeks.

After receiving your course certificate, Yoga Alliance registered teachers can count participating in this course for 20 hours of Continuing Education (20 CE hours).

Modern Movement Anatomy Education

Today's practice can't rely on yesterdays anatomy understanding. That's why this course is build on modern fascia-based anatomy.

Over 100 Videos and PDF downloads

This course is organized into three modules with over one hundred videos filled with knowledge and practices in both video and text. 

Assessments to Check on Comprehension

Always know where you are at. Get direct feedback from the assessments at the end of each chapter. Motivation comes from knowing you got it right.


Module 1


2 Weeks to complete

  • Course introduction and overview
  • Function of bones, joints and muscles
  • Functional Fascia Anatomy & Physiology
  • Knowledge testing quiz
  • Certificate of Module Completion
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Module 2


3 Weeks to complete

  • Movement Anatomy of the Feet
  • Functional Knee & Thigh Anatomy
  • Pelvis Anatomy for Movement
  • Knowledge testing quiz
  • Certificate of Module completion
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Module 3


4 Weeks to complete

  • Movement Anatomy of the Spine
  • Shoulder Anatomy for Movement
  • Wrist & Elbow Anatomy
  • Breath & Breathing Anatomy
  • Cardio Vascular System
  • Knowledge testing quiz
  • Certificate of Course Completion
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What students say about this course

"I can't express how valuable this course has been for me. You answered SO MANY QUESTIONS I've been having for years in my yoga practice."

Robin Dann

"This course has been so informative, eye opening, and so much fun! Thank you for making it so interactive and engaging. Studying and watching these videos never once felt like work!"

Chloe Oktay

Chris’ engaging educational approach has firmed my yoga practice and everyday movement in ways that have been life changing!

Amita, Toronto

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