What To Do About Clunks In Loose Joints


What do do about clunks in loose joints

Recently a few people have asked me about clunks and instability in their joints.
The people described themselves as hypermobile.
Joints can crack and ‘clunk’ for a number of reasons. This video examines these clunks in more mobile people.

Anatomically, extra mobility comes from extra space in the joint. This greater space permits more mobility before the bones get to a position of compression - pressing against each other to limit further movement.
The space, or distance between individual bones is held by fascial components. Ligaments and the joint capsule are considered part of the fascia system.
Extra mobility in a joint stems from either more space or greater mobility in the fascia itself. This mobility can be the result of less tone on the tissues. This is sometimes called ligament laxaty.
If you find yourself to be someone with more mobile joints, this doesn’t mean you have a problem with your joints.
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Skipping Rope and Yoga Practice


You might be wondering what skipping rope has to do with yoga.

Well, it doesn't and it does.

On the one hand it's quite obvious we do not do skipping and hopping movements, especially not repeatedly, in yoga practice.

On the other hand, you can also see from skipping rope, or in fact, any kind of jumping around, that this doesn't happen without the engagement of our muscles. So when we practice, particularly active postures, flows, vinyasa and similar practices, we do need to engage our muscles.

Skipping rope teaches us to engage muscles to support dynamic movements.

If you want to learn more about how to engage your muscles in yoga practice, and how to practice safely, take a look at the AnatomyShow online courses.

Learn with the courses how to engage and work with your fascia, how to have strong feet and ankles, how to protect your knees from hyperextension, how to keep your spine safe and how to have strong shoulders for inversion practices.

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