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Keep your yoga teacher trainings open and accessible at any time with this comprehensive Movement & Yoga Anatomy Online Course. This course provides over 100 instructional videos in ten chapters. Detailed video explanations and instructions integrate with downloadable course materials and study quizzes to educate expert teachers.

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Why Your School Needs This Course

In recent years, our understanding of the dynamic, moving body has undergone a revolution, changing the way we understand movement.

Today’s approach to movement is fundamentally functional and based on modern fascia anatomy that integrates the body.

For the most part, however, yoga education has not kept up with this shift, leaving a significant gap in the industry. This Yoga Anatomy Course fills that gap.

This course contains:
- 20+ hours of yoga anatomy and physiology in 10 modules
- over 100 specifically designed instructional videos,
- over 100 downloadable PDF texts, and
- 10 tests to assess comprehension


In this yoga anatomy course your students will study:

- Fascia in the moving body
- Movement of muscles and joints
- Feet: arches and engagements
- Knee and thigh
- Hips and pelvis mobility
- Support and movement of the Spine
- Shoulder stability and mobility
- Wrist and elbow
- Breath and breathing
- Cardio-Vascular System

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The Online Yoga Anatomy Course for your dynamic yoga teacher training.

The AnatomyShow Online Yoga Anatomy Course has been successfully used for online trainings or as an in-studio module.

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Because the body is not separate pieces - fascia unites all elements and systems.

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Because anatomy knowledge has to explain and enhance movement.

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Get a competitive edge by choosing AnatomyShow to deliver an accessible training approach to yoga that reflects scientific developments without losing traditional integrity.

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Chris and the AnatomyShow

Chris is an ERYT yoga alliance accredited yoga teacher and YACEP continuing education provider.

Yoga instructors need to have the skills and understanding to teach movements and poses safely. Yoga Alliance has recognized this need by recently increasing the required number of Anatomy & Physiology hours to 30 hours for 200-hour YTTs. Twenty of these hours can be online.

Over the past 23 years, Chris has created and delivered specialized yoga anatomy courses for well over 150 YTTs of different yoga styles. He draws on his extensive experience in identifying movement and postural patterns from his naturopathic background as a specialist in postural alignment and injury rehabilitation. In order to ensure that his material is always current, he is constantly furthering his own knowledge by keeping up-to-date with the latest research, collaborating with other leaders in the field, and participating in workshops and conferences. All of his work is based on the principles of fascia connectivity.

Chris’ broad, longstanding personal yoga practice and experience give him the ability to understand the unique requirements of individual schools and students.

Chris’ is uniquely positioned to teach yoga anatomy by exploring movement functions and processes as an active health practice.

Chris’ strength is making complex anatomical concepts simple and relevant. He is also able to  deliver those concepts in a lively style so that students immediately feel and apply the knowledge.

He has taught in English and German with small and large groups around the world. He also has experience teaching with the assistance of interpreters.

An online environment for yoga teacher trainings requires an engaging and easy to follow teacher. The online Yoga Anatomy Course delivers current knowledge with decades of teaching experience to your students.

Include fascia based anatomy and functional knowledge into your training to transform your student’s yoga practice and teaching abilities!

Make a strong statement with a solid curriculum

Include this fascia yoga anatomy course in your curriculum to give your students the best training experience possible. Add the fun and functional knowledge of the AnatomyShow to your yoga teacher training.

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Oslo Yoga, Norway

With Chris Kummer's Anatomy Show we have been able to provide the students in our Yoga Teacher Training with an engaging anatomy training online. The short and comprehensive videos, the clear topics and lively presentation have made anatomy understandable and interesting for our students. One can't take for granted that a teacher who is able to entertain while being in a studio physically with direct contact would be able to be equally entertaining and engaging online, but Chris Kummer certainly is.

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KarmaCologne, Germany

If you are looking for a professional, individual and simply amazing anatomy course, Chris Kummer’s AnatomyShow is the one. Learning with Chris is a gift. He has the rare talent to show you that anatomy is not as difficult as you might think it is. His Online course is absolutely great and super professional. Yoga is so much better when you know what you do with your body and how you can do it right. Highly recommended!

Older Adults Yoga Teacher Training

There are about as many seniors in North America as people between 20 and 35 years old. Most yoga, movement and fitness classes are offered to the younger group, while very little choice exists for the older group. There is a high demand and need for qualified teachers for older adults.

This 30 hour workshop and training component introduces the skills, tricks and requirements to introduce and teach yoga and movement safely to older people. Include this module in your training curriculum to develop more confident and versatile teachers.

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