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Happy Hips - Strength and mobility around your hip joint

fascia yoga anatomy yoga postures Dec 14, 2020

Modern hips.

Modern hips are hips used to sitting on chairs. Or simply sitting a lot.

How many people have told you already that sitting too much can make your hip area tight? This tension can include the hip ligaments, the hip-flexor muscles and a lot of  other associated muscles and fascia membranes of the thigh and lower back. Okay, this isn't new. This post hopefully helps you find a new approach to working with this tightness.

When we learn about fascia, we learn that fascia supports habits. In other words, you like to sit with your legs roughly at a right angle to your body - so be it. Your fascia will begin supporting (tightening up) around your hips in that particular shape.

Now, when we go to a yoga class, or a stretching class of some idea, we will find that many hip mobility exercises begin in positions that are not seated, or begin in that right angle.

Interestingly, our muscle-fascia continuum can present in a variety of different states:

Your muscles can be short and strong
Your muscles can be short and weak
Your muscles can be long and strong
Your muscles can be long and weak

This exercise below starts where your hips are likely at - the seated 90 degree angle. From this position you get to to gradually train your fascia in mobility and stability / strength of your hip and leg muscles, no matter what your starting point of strength, length or flexibility.

Now go and try this out.

1 Begin on forearms and knees with slidable pads under your knees.
2 Slide knees wide. You can hold here and gradually widen for increased mobility
3 Move knees in circles

Begin with smaller circles to stay within your current strength and develop smooth movements.

How do you feel in your body?
This hip mobility and strengthening exercise can be used both ways.
Try longer engaged holds to improve mobility, or more active movement to strengthen the range of muscular support around the hip.

Send me a message with your experience of this exercise.

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