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Deepen Your Breath by Applying Integrated Yoga Anatomy

fascia shoulders yoga practice Mar 15, 2021

Integrated yoga anatomy is about bringing the body to life.

It’s stepping up from just learning muscles, bones and levers, to learning how to improve postures and movements.
If you want a functional body that can move and practice sustainably, you need to integrate your anatomy.

One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional anatomy for yoga and movement practitioners and teachers that I hear about frequently is the separation of learning and practice.

Someone takes their anatomy course, or reads their anatomy books with greater or lesser interest and levels of retention. Then yoga practice calls to quickly get on the mat and move.

Integrated anatomy is about understanding your body more deeply, and moving with  integrity. Anatomy learning for movers and yoga practitioners needs to be tied in and feed off our practices. We can’t separate those two and expect to grow our practice intelligently.

Most of us have practiced countless rounds of sun salutations.
From an integrated functional anatomy perspective, the first movement of taking our arms up overhead - urdhva hastasana - is both a shoulder mobilizing movement as it is a breath mobilizing movement.

In this video I’ll take you through comparative exercises that with your arms and shoulders that help you free your breath in this regularly practiced movement.

- Just taking your arms up is fine, but very different from the integrative potential this posture has.
- Just learning about the muscles, cues and directions required is good, but won’t give you the effects for your health and connectedness.
- When you can specifically engage and connect your body, the breath naturally expands and your posture stabilizes.

Your practice is your dedicated time and effort, make use of the benefits when you know and feel the difference.

Applying integrated yoga anatomy to your practice makes your life easier, less complicated and more connected.
Get the advantage and learn the anatomy and physiology of functional movements with a fascia focus.
Movement is your choice - get to know your body better with AnatomyShow yoga anatomy online courses. 🤸‍♂️

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