Shoulder Anatomy for Movement

Shoulder Anatomy for Movement is an essential foundation course for movement students and teachers to understand and explain healthy and sustainable shoulder and arm movements when practicing. 


Joint Complex

Your shoulder functions by interactions of multiple joints. You'll learn how each joint interacts with the others.

Levels of
Muscular Support

Shoulder stability depends on strength around the joints and their connection to the body. Learn all three levels of support.

Force Distribution

Learn how to practice and move smart with less overall effort. Intelligent engagement shares the work and creates stability

Here's What You'll Get In This Course

Fourteen teaching videos with over two hours of instruction time.
Downloadable PDFs for each video with detailed learning content and a completion assessment.

Course Highlights:

- Three Joints of the Shoulder Joint Complex

- The Shoulder Rhythm

- Shoulder Movements and Movement Planes

- Three Levels of Shoulder Muscle Support

- Rotator Cuff

- Exercises for Muscle Activations

- Bonus Video

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