Breath & Breathing Course

Discover how to breathe to improve your energy levels. Understand how the structure and function of each part of your respiratory system allows you to fine-tune your ability to breathe, move and feel better.


System Design

Understand how your respiratory system is build and why the elements are designed that way


Learn about how we breathe in and out,  and become familiar with the necessary actions and connections


Learn the three stages of respiration and how they can be influenced for easier and more efficient breath

Here's Why You Need to Take This Course

Learning from this course helps you understand your whole respiratory system and breathing process better. Build a foundation of healthy breath and better energy levels by applying the knowledge and practices from this course.

If you want to have more energy or better health, it’s time to understand your breathing apparatus and its functions better. Move beyond the unconscious breath actions by applying the knowledge from this course. Learn the six influences of the nose on the breath and why breathing through the nose is preferable over mouth breathing. Understand what breath types suit which type of activity and discover how your breath is distributed by your choice of breath type.

This course clearly outlines the structure and build of each component of the respiratory system. The differences in action and effect of all breath types are explained.
More than other courses, this Breath & Breathing Anatomy Course gives you insights into how the oxygen, the energy fuel, really can be brought to your cells and why many yoga and breathing instructions about the breath are ineffective.
This is essential and vital learning for all yoga practitioners, movement and fitness enthusiasts, as well as general health improvements.

In this course you get:
- 14 instructional videos
- 14 downloadable PDFs with all the information from the videos
- knowledge testing quiz
- lifetime access

This course counts for 3 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance

Topics include:
- Breathing architecture of the respiratory system
- Nose and ventilation
- Sinuses
- Lung structure and function
- Ribs and ribcage
- Types of breath
- Respiratory diaphragm
- Mechanics of breathing in and out
- How to bring oxygen to the cells
- Breath efficiency:how to heave more energy
- Fascia of the lungs
- Breathing techniques in movements and yoga postures

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