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Balancing centre of gravity over base of support

The Simple Secret to Better Balance in Yoga Poses

alignment real life yoga anatomy yoga postures yoga practice Dec 10, 2020

This yoga anatomy tip will help you improve your balance in handstand and othert balance postures.

Anytime you want to attempt to practice a balance yoga posture you need to follow this principle to be successful. if you aim to balance for longer than it takes to take a quick photo.
These balance principles apply no matter if you are trying a balance on your feet, your hands or your head.

First principle:

Inevitably, while practicing on a planet with gravity, you will always have a base.
The base is the area of your body in contact with the surface that you are balancing on.

Second principle:

Your body, depending on the posture you are holding, or moving through, has a centre of gravity.

Third principle:

Balance is achieved when the centre of gravity can be placed / moved and held above the base.

Applying the principles:

Your hands, feet or other body part you want to balance on has to be placed firmly enough on the ground. If these are your hands and feet, engaging them firmly enough to support your body weight is important. You can learn how to engage your feet and the resulting effects on the body in the Movement Anatomy of the Feet course.

To be balanced, this centre of gravity needs to be placed and held over your base.
Of course you can muscle your way towards a balance with strength or momentum. Ultimately it becomes really hard to compensate for differences between the alignment of your base and centre of gravity.
Conversely, better positioning of your centre of gravity over your base will reduce the amount  of effort required to keep you balanced.

Before moving into balance poses, start by bringing your centre of gravity close to your base. When moving or lifting into the pose ensure you keep the centre of gravity above the base in the transition.

Next time you practice balancing poses, think of the three principles

1 build a strong base

2 become aware of your centre of gravity

3 align centre of grtavity over base

Still wobbly? Find out more about how to support your body. Shoulders anyone? Take a yoga anatomy course to improve your confidence, and your yoga practices.

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