Movement Anatomy of the FEET

We built our foot arches and the spring in our step a long time ago. Then we forgot how they are under our control. 

Learn how to build bounce into your feet and life. You will support your posture and move better. 


Here's What You'll Get In This Course

The 'Yoga Anatomy of the FEET' course consists of:

- 2 hours online video time
- 11 video lessons        
- 11 downloadable PDFs with written course content including extra tips
- Quiz for you to check on your learning progress


Course Content Highlights:

- Bone architecture for weight bearing and force transfer

- Foot spiral for lightness in your step

- Learn how your foot actually works to help support the body even better

- Foot arches as adjustable structures - the 3D model

- Passive arch support

- Active arch support - muscle engagement sequence 

- Feet - muscles - action! Take control of your stance

- The 4 quadrant model for stable ankles and arches

- Support the knee with foot engagement

- Good posture from the feet up with simple tricks

- BONUS: Foot engagement for common stances and yoga poses

This is your course

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