Online Fascia in the Moving Body Course

Move Intelligently With Fascia

New developments keep changing our reality.
Fascia anatomy revolutionizes the way we understand movement, strength and support of the body.   
It's time to upgrade your knowledge, prevent injury and move easier.


Expand Body Awareness

The feeling of stretch, tension, balance and proprioception originate within the fascia tissues.

Discover Greater Mobility

The unique integration and structure of fascia opens new perspectives for training and practice. 

Build Increased Stability

Muscular strength and force can be directed and through fascia to create better joint support.

Is your practice including your fascia?
Why you need to take this fascia anatomy course

Successful practice depends on finding the right coordination of muscles, balance, strength and flexibility. What if all this relates back to a single type of tissue in our body - the fascia?

Fascia holds us together, keeps our muscles safe, makes each physical effort more efficient and is part of our nervous system. Every movement and every posture depends on well functioning and organized fascia.
Our fascia is the one tissue that truly unites us and transforms our collection of individual muscle and bones into a holistic integrated being.
Yoga practitioners or anyone wanting to practice a sport in a sustainable way need to know this.

Applied fascia knowledge can help you access more of the health benefits your practice has to offer. Learn in this yoga anatomy course how to understand your fascia better, how to work with your fascia to find greater support in challenging poses. 
Your exercises and movement practice will never be the same once you learn how your body is really organized.


In this course you get:
- 12 instructional videos
- 13 downloadable PDFs with all the information from the videos
- knowledge testing quiz
- lifetime access

This course counts for 2 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance (2 CE hours)

Topics include:
- what is fascia?
- components of fascia tissue
- how to keep fascia healthy
- make your fascia work for you
- how fascia behaves when moving or stretching
- tensegrity - the human body as a fascia directed structure
- fascia organization
- fascia force transmission pathways
- stretching, movement and fascia length changes

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Fascia knowledge can transform your practice. Learn the new functions and possibilities for safe practice because today's practice can't rely on yesterdays anatomy understanding.

"Chris’ AnatomyShow changed the way I stand, walk and practice yoga. I have gained a new appreciation for how conscious engagement of our body parts brings balance into our lives."


"I learned a lot of beneficial information that gave me a greater understanding of the connectivity of the body. This was so useful for my professional practice as a ballet dancer as well as my yoga practice. I was also able to better understand the root issues that may cause limitations in people with less active occupations or lifestyles. "

Ayva Rossouw-Holland
British Columbia

"Chris helped me think of my body as a friend I can learn to trust, if I listen to it."


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