Pelvis Anatomy for Movement

Pelvis anatomy is especially important for yoga and other movement practices because of its central position, the sacroiliac joints and connections to the spine.

Pelvis anatomy is the key to understanding the core.



Learn about hip mobility and stability on the skeletal, muscular and fascia level.


Learn about all levels of core muscles and support. Not just the commonly mentioned few.

Lower back

Access three dimensional support for your lower back in postures and movement.

Here's why you need to take this course

Learning from this course can help you to take control of your hips, pelvis and core.

The pelvis is close to our centre of gravity. It connects us structurally from the legs to the spine. When we move in the back or with the legs, this will affect the pelvic structural balance.
In this course you can find out why the pelvis needs to actually be mobile. More importantly, you’ll learn where the areas of muscles and fascia are that can be used to safely move and stabilize the hips, pelvis and lower back.
When we practice, specific differences between female and male bodies require us to be aware of individual needs. Find out why some bodies have greater lower back mobility.
Did you know we have outer and inner hip muscles? When you take this course, you will also learn the importance of the inner hip muscles for protection of the hip joints.
Be proactive and informed to keep your hips healthy and prevent some of the common injuries that are occurring in yoga and movement practitioners today.

Your purchase includes lifetime access so you can study at your own pace, and easily refer back to topics when you need a refresher.

The Pelvis Anatomy for Movement course videos help broaden your understanding on the following topics:
- pelvis landmarks
- male female pelvis differences
- hip socket
- hip muscles
- hip flexors
- pelvic floor
- sacroiliac joint
- neutral pelvis position

As part of this course you get:
- 12 instructional videos
- 12 downloadable instructional PDFs
- Knowledge testing quiz on completion

This course can count as 2 hours of continuing education for Yoga Alliance

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"I love the ‘alternative’ understanding of anatomy - based on movement and function. This is anatomy for movers and makes so much sense and is so immediately applicable."

Beth Landau-Halpern

"I was very excited to learn how the Anatomy Show makes fundamental yoga practice efficient and significant important knowledge such as fascia, pelvis, spine etc. Thank you."

South Korea

"This is great information. It is a life changer, Chris is amazing, very helpful. "

Hana Jouhary

"Chris is awesome in teaching anatomy. The way he approaches all these information was interesting and easy to understand. Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language, or you know nothing about the terminology of anatomy, because he sure has some ideas to help you understand and actually learn."

Xiaowen Zou

"Chris adds infinite dimensions to anatomy. This course is not about two dimensional pictures and latin muscle names. It lets you dive deep into your body from toe to head, question the status quo and make you discover why we do asanas in the first place… and what we can do differently!"


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