SPINE - Support & Movement

Discover the dynamic and structural spinal elements for easy movements.
Learn how to use all your core muscles to support your posture and prevent back pain.


Bones & Fascia

Understand the spine as a bone and fascia integrated design. Learn how the curves develop.

Dynamic & Structural

Understand which muscle areas control spinal movements and how vertebral structures direct it.

Passive & Active

Develop spinal support from the core in multiple directions and learn tools to prevent back pain.

Here's why you need to take this course

Learning from this course can help you build and maintain a healthy, flexible spine. Increase your mobility while maintaining real core strength.

The spine is the mobile structure in the centre of our body that contributes immensely to our posture and movement.
Learn about the spinal movement potentials at the many joints. Provide shape and stability for your spine with efficient use of your muscles and forces across large fascia areas and ligaments.

This course explains the structure of the spinal architecture as well as of the individual segments. Find out how each section of the spine displays unique movement characteristics. Learn how to integrate these safely into yoga poses and movements.
Gain confidence in supporting the dozens of joints of your spine with an understanding of the three areas of core muscles.

In this course you get:
- 14 instructional videos
- 14 downloadable PDFs with all the information from the videos
- knowledge testing quiz
- lifetime access

Topics include:
- spinal curves
- architecture models of the spine
- vertebra specifics movements
- best mobility areas of the spine
- how to twist safely
- discs of the spine
- ligament structures of the spine
- back muscles
- core muscles
- abdominal muscles
- headstand and the spine

This course can count as 3 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance

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