Fascia in the Moving Body

So you hear about fascia in your movement classes. Fascia training seems to be the buzz. But now it’s tricky to find a clearer idea what fascia can do for your movements, or what you can do with your fascia. And then someone talks about tensegrity. Ooops, do we have a new body all of a sudden? What did you miss?

This course brings you up to speed and back in the loop of current movement anatomy with 10 videos and 10 downloadable PDFs.

The videos will teach you what it takes to move with greater ease and reduced injury risk by upgrading your understanding of biomechanics with the following topics:

- What is Fascia
- Fascia Ingredients
- Fascia Hydration
- Fascia as Friend
- Fascia Movement
- Tensegrity
- Fascia Organization

Gain fascia knowledge and background to your function with these videos by fascia specialist Chris Kummer. As a naturopath and yoga teacher, he has been successfully teaching and applying these concepts to movement enthusiasts and professionals for close to twenty years across the globe.

Over 100 teacher trainings and plenty of specialized fascia workshops have helped students from all over the world to bring fascia awareness and ease into their movement practices.

The sooner you take the step from bone-and-muscle lever understanding of the body to integrated connected movements, the greater potential for development of movements exists.

With clear topics and video durations of 6 to 15 minutes, this course fits even into busy days. You can easily watch and study one video a day and complete the course in just ten days. Or, if you really want to delve in deeply, you can dedicate an afternoon to it. Take the included quiz to check how you did.

Access to the course is unlimited - once you buy it, it’s yours forever. 

This course stands out with its focus on practicality and avoidance of unnecessary technicalities. 

You’ll enjoy the relevance of the information about fascia behavior, how to make it move better and what stretching fascia means. 

Can you really afford to practice with an outdated model of body movement? Update your knowledge and skills now with the ‘Fascia in the Moving Body’ course.

See you in the course.


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