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About Me

Hello, I'm Chris Kummer.

I've always been interested in and passionate about movement and health since an early age.

Teaching teachers now for twenty years, I also want to make these skills and knowledge available to all practitioners.            

With the AnatomyShow I'm offering you access to my combined insights  with online courses and live workshops.

While in primary school I was diagnosed with scoliosis - the sideways curvatures of the spine. The following years had me try out various medical devices without results. My back was straightened out through regular exercises and yoga practice, prescribed by a physiotherapist. That was the beginning of my interest in both movement and healthy training approaches.

This curiosity prompted me to study medicine in order to find out more. Not receiving the answers that would help me train and practice better led me to study natural medicine. The principle here was: How to improve a living body. Now I was happy!

As a naturopath, my views were strongly influenced when I was fortunate to practice with and learn from a number of specialists dedicated to balanced structure and function of the body from a soft tissue perspective. 

A yoga school I was attending asked to share my knowledge with their teacher trainees in 2000. This was the beginning of the Anatomy Show.

Hundreds of training and workshops around the world later, I feel it’s time to make these ideas and knowledge even easier learning. 

I was wishing a replay button so many times during those workshops and trainings. Now it’s possible!

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"It is not a matter of what I say, for then it becomes merely one opinion against another, and opinion has no validity, but what we can do is find out what the facts are. "

J. Krishnamurti

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