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Develop your practice faster than ever with these engaging courses in fascia yoga anatomy.

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Fascia Movement & Yoga Anatomy Online Courses for Everybody

No matter your practice level or movement ability, AnatomyShow courses help you move better.

The AnatomyShow offers online in-depth yoga anatomy education. Get the advantage and learn anatomy and physiology of functional movement with a fascia focus. Courses are ideal for yoga, fitness, Pilates, stretching and exercise training.

Yoga Anatomy

Movement is your choice  - get to know your body better and understand what you can do.

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Movement for Seniors

At any age, your body can become stronger, more stable and move mobile.

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Qigong for Health

The body must be able to move flowing and fluid and with explosive fiery movements.

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Certification Course

Build your abilities and confidence with this comprehensive course. As movement practitioners or teachers you will be more efficient and healthy with a good understanding of what you are doing

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Specific Courses

Satisfy your curiosity and build healthier movement patters with these topic specific courses. Choose from a comprehensive list, ranging from fascia dynamics, knee support to shoulder mobility.

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For Teacher Trainings

Include this fascia-based yoga anatomy course in your curriculum to give your students the best training experience possible. Add the fun and functional knowledge to your teacher training.

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Move better!

Hi, I'm Chris Kummer, and I've been curious about how to improve movement since I was a child. Since then I have studied and taught  movement for over 30 years. Join me in one of  my courses and start improving your posture and practice too.

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Qigong Courses

White Tiger Qigong's unique approach to qigong includes an AnatomyShow fascia course, anatomical background to the exercises and Chinese medicine connections.

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Yoga for Children

KindaYoga practices teach life skills before life's challenges. Fun yoga postures, combined with breathing for relaxation, teach children to manage our modern world with less stress.

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Courses for Seniors

It is important to stay mobile to reduce or prevent inflexibility and pain. Movement has an extensive influence on our nervous system to improve memory, happiness and contentment.

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What can you expect from the AnatomyShow certification course?

Taking the certification course allows you to follow a proven system of learning, understanding and applying modern movement anatomy and physiology.

Complete each of the three parts to get your Level 1 Movement Anatomy Certification. Each successive part builds on the previous and enhances your ability to understand both your postures and body movements better.

Fundamental Principles

Understand how modern movement anatomy influences your entire body.

Holistic Body Perspective

Learn the interdependent actions that create mobility and stability within the body.

Integrated Anatomy

Practice what you learn. All content is explained through popular movements  & postures.

Movement Anatomy Certification Course

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Our most popular course

  • Practice and teaching skills
  • Continuing education
  • Certification
  • Unlimited lifetime access
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AnatomyShow Courses have  Unlimited Lifetime Access

Return to your course whenever and wherever you like. Discover more practical connections and inspirations each time. You will see deeper possibilities for understanding postures and exercises  by revisiting the functional anatomy.

"Excellent presentation. Beautifully translates complex ideas into everyday language. Passionate and generous teacher. Very inspiring."

Simi Junior

"This course has been so informative, eye opening, and so much fun! Thank you for making it so interactive and engaging. Studying and watching these videos never once felt like work!"

Chloe Oktay

"Chris’ AnatomyShow changed the way I stand, walk and practice yoga. I have gained a new appreciation for how conscious engagement of our body parts brings balance into our lives."

Brandon M.

Learn in your own practice space

You don't have to have an anatomy or biology background to learn with these courses. AnatomyShow courses are movement anatomy courses. You can relate to the content through your existing experience. It is all about deepening your understanding and relationship to your moving body, not having a perfect practice. Join me to discover more of yourself and intentionally become stronger, more mobile and healthier.

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